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Nowadays all types of jobs are helpful whether full-time or part-time, online or offline to earn more income for a luxurious life for Indian students. But part jobs are considered better for students studying overseas due to their learning schedule in foreign universities.

For Indian students, countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc., are categorized as the most favorite selections for jobs. We all are aware that gaining education overseas is very expensive, so it is good to acquire a part-time job especially for Indian students.

Our recent studies and according to the CV-Library, there are many part-time jobs for Indian students overseas where they can earn a high amount of income.

indian students

Let’s see the best 10 part-time jobs for you!

  1. Hospitality and tourism sectors

In recent times hospitality and tourism segments have attracted many international job seekers in foreign countries. Due to many career options in this field majority of Indian students apply for part-time jobs in this sector.

What does this sector offer you?

  • Travel agents
  • Hotel/ Spa manager
  • Tour worker
  • Event management
  • Co-ordinator, etc.

It is believed that the hospitality and leisure industry sector is always an ever-growing industry.

  1. Accounting


If you are good at maths, finance or business then you can work as an accountant in various offices. Accounting jobs are highly payable if you have a better experience to fit into this role such as preparing accurate records, financial operations, tax returns, etc.

  1. Marketing

However, not many students studying abroad apply for marketing but they pay well. Indian students may find this marketing job easiest to do because all you need to have experience in media planning, sales strategy, public relation, etc.

  1. Social service

If you love to care for orphanage or old age people, then you can choose a social care worker as your working profile. As not much experience or qualifications are required in this field, you simply required to help those people in need.

  1. Digital marketing/ graphic designer

Events are a part of every culture, hence, the media has a huge role to play in it. In today’s modern age digital marketing sector has made several employment opportunities for students. While studying in any country outside India you can apply as a graphic designer trainer which will make you earn around INR 23000 in the starting stage.

  1. Agricultural field

One of the major problems these days is the production of food due to the growing population worldwide. In this situation, we expect agricultural science to enhance its working and solve this problem. In contrast to this, new brains are required in the agricultural industry to build new ideas with the help of fresh joinings. Indian students have a good scope ahead if they choose food technology as part-time jobs in abroad.

  1. Tutors


Teaching jobs are also very trending in abroad as it keeps boosting your knowledge and fills your pocket with extra money. You can choose your teaching timings based on your study schedule, all you need to do is search for some already known tutors so that they can help find you one.

  1. Being a virtual assistant

This is another best option for those students who find it difficult to travel for jobs outside due to their busy schedules. Isn’t it great? Working from home while doing other hobbies especially in foreign countries. We have an example to make it more clear for you! like you can opt for a virtual call center in which you just need to sit at home with a phone and assist customers virtually.

  1. Jobs in supermarkets

This resource of part-time jobs is classified as the finest medium to earn money overseas while being an Indian student. All you need to be qualified in:

  • Customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Commercial experience
  • Both time and team management, and more.


  • Work in Dominos or McDonalds


If you wish to work in high-class working conditions with a better posting in foreign countries then part-time jobs in McDonald’s, KFC or Dominos are premium choices for you. apart from this, the great thing about working here is that employees get free food every day.

indian students

So, that’s all for now from our side, now it’s your turn to study and gain all the necessary information about each part-time job in different counties overseas so that you can go for the best possible option. For more assistance please visit

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